747 – Topics


00:03 War against freedom-the word: police introduce violence to Ottawa, purpose of protest determines government action, freedom protests now illegal, Emergency Act declared, word war continues, destroying concepts – freedom and the right, censorship and propaganda in the information war, Albert Dumont’s freedom propaganda, liars of the Left, assertions without evidence or examples, Dumont’s false narrative about the Freedom Convoy, democracy versus majority rule

25:50 Just an act: fascist theatre, Emergency Act is just an act, the only ‘insurrection’ was the police violence, Faywat Deonanday’s irrationality about vaccination, blaming the unvaccinated for the evils of politicians, backtracking on Omicron, Deonanday’s four lies about the fake vaccines, the action of inaction, only antidote to fascism is freedom

42:52 Intolerant: intolerant Canadians write letters to the editor, globalists turn nationalist for globalism

57:30 Peace, order, and fascist government: government fear of being recorded or watched, physically destructive police force used to establish peace order and good government

59:42 END