743 – Topics


00:03 Mandate freedom: George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the year 1984, Convoy For Freedom, caravan of truckers, taking freedom for granted, Freedom Party issue papers, 1984 Is Here, 1984 was the old normal

11:20 Repeat after me: History Lesson, history repeats itself, cycle of history is a cycle of politics, accepting the small violations of freedom, Socialism And The War On Wealth, equating theft with equity, hostility to wealth, the New Left’s anti-industrial revolution,

26:35 Legal perversion: democracy in action, socialized health care, fascism well entrenched in 1984 and earlier, establishing a new political party, The Misrule Of Law, the rise of subjective law, all social legislation is a perversion of the law, rule by men and not by law, Freedom, perpetual calls for sacrifice in the public interest

52:00 The larger evil: George Orwell’s haunting passage about politics, petty grievances overshadow the larger evil, political polarity, Left and Right, political compass, Left represents all variants of collectivism, Right represents the single invariable truth that leads to freedom

59:42 END