741 – Topics


00:03 All roads lead to vaccination: national mandatory vaccination planned in Canada, Trudeau’s intolerant rant against the vaccine free, popular intolerance, Dr Robert Malone on mass psychosis

15:45 The issue is consent: the meaning of consent, To those who consent no injustice is done, consent versus consensus, consent implies individualism, consensus implies a collective, consent precedes consensus

27:00 Curiosity killed the catatonic state: standards of judging credible sources, mass formation, fear and the unknown, Kathy’s friend, chips and tracking mechanisms, spontaneous abortion statistics related to vaccines in New Zealand, insurance claim spikes in deaths of younger people

44:15 Contradiction: no plausible narrative to Alex Jones’ labeling Trump evil, the X22 Report, Qanon and the tipping point, two differing narratives on Trump’s support of vaccines, Trump is still a major force in this war

59:42 END