740 – Topics


00:03 Chicken or egg: thanking our financial supporters, true believers in the Covid narrative, blind to reality, #masspsychosis, big picture of Covid tyranny, thank you to our financial supporters, just music that’s just right, feedback from Murray, overwhelmed with details, what can one person do, the driver of public opinion, political ignorance, culture and the zeitgeist, maybe a song, cynicism, balancing the good and the perfect, values in art and literature, life and art, productive way to effect change, long-term focus, productive political activity, feedback from Trevor, the ‘s’ word and the ‘f’ word, word policy

19:05 Artsy fartsy: fascism’s influence, politics about ethics, popular politics is minutiae, altruism versus rational self interest, link to epistemology and metaphysics, through the arts and esthetics, altruism and rational self-interest cannot co-exist, hierarchy of philosophical structure, music as a tool of mass formation, art music literature are means of expression, mass psychosis now a major talking point

35:55 What can one person do: epistemological error about the Left and Right, fundamental distinction between Left and Right – Tyranny versus Freedom, sidestepping the reality that the people are not united, how to move back to personal responsibility, Ayn Rand’s 1972 advice on what one can do about the state of today’s world, politics is fighting with muskets – philosophy is fighting with nuclear weapons, history made by minorities, not quantity but quality, cultural vacuum, destruction of reason, zeitgeist 1972 is zeitgeist 2022, some suggestions from Ayn Rand, superficial political actions, importance of ideas, no short cuts possible, threat of dictatorship, the default of those who keep silent, power of the internet

53:15 Tell me a story: finding the real story, history is made by those who write it – not by those who lived it, nothing blows over because tyranny driven by people with will and intentions, history as the collective’s memory of the past, ignorance is bliss, plausible deniability, confusion in a flood of narratives

59:42 END