734 – Topics


00:03 Variant conservatives: new Ontario political parties, variant Conservatives, frequently recommended political failures, we owe each other justice, voting for injustice, social justice, variant right wing parties, single issue parties, similar voices in other political groups, End the Lockdown Caucus, supporting the truth, freedom is a minority value, most voters are collectivist, fake altruism, a plethora of philosophical ignorance, running away from tyranny instead of running towards freedom, must identify the advocate of freedom – not just the opponent of tyranny, Hillier’s tyranny, conservatism has never been for freedom, Liberal and Progressive Conservative are statist quo parties

16:30 Bad press: ignorance about the mainstream media, mainstream has always been a propaganda arm of special interests, Toronto Star constitutionally bound to communism, Freedom Party in the Toronto Star, frequent harmful recommendations by those on the Right, public protests do not translate into electoral politics, political parties not welcome at protest parades, public events invite enemies, publicity stunts to make a point

29:40 Enough talk – more action: winning freedom instead of losing it, competing with the big parties, enough talk-more action, arresting risks and arresting intentions, breaking a law to change a law, limits in a free and democratic society, feedback on talking versus action, talk is action, drawing attention to single issues – not to principles, electoral politics is beyond activism, winning battles does not win the war, personal electoral experiences, uniting smaller parties to overwhelm major parties, only the few get politically active, Libertarianism is opposed to philosophy of Freedom Party, belief that parties are bad, parties capable of making principled policies not just popular policies

45:45 Changing from within: changing the big parties, history of attempts to change Progressive Conservative Party, Ontario Bill 195, people kicked out of PC caucus, just about power, protecting the establishment, parties exist to filter out people who do not share their objectives, RINOs are all socialist, unprincipled conservatives, Doug Ford versus Christine Elliott, Ford implemented all but one of 2018 Freedom Party planks, Red Tories control Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, supporting capitalism, government as necessary evil, psychology of mass formation, majority of people are tyrannical, political parties must not appeal to mob rule, join the voice for freedom not just the voice against tyranny, war of words

59:42 END