733 – Topics


00:03 Dark and disturbing: owning nothing and being happy, contempt for freedom, distrust of politicians, Daphne Bramham’s smear article about ‘anti-vaxxxers’, dismissing thousands of adverse reactions, contrarian, majority opinions versus minority opinions, psychology as key to understanding fascism, mass formation, Dr Mattias Desme

22:00 State of hypnosis: Doug Ford’s hypnotic trance, common values or goals, religion providing a narrative about anxiety and a strategy to alleviate it, sheeples and lemmings, wishing harm

35:50 Ends are means: end justifies the means, politics of force versus politics of consent, selfish altruists, shaming un-vaccinated, preserving health care system at cost of patients

47:50 Highly diverse: diverse makeup of people opposing injections, tyranny and altruism, not just reason but truth, gentle humor, world in need of a real philosophy

59:42 END