731 – Topics


00:03 War of words: vaxx passports, passport expirations, politics as both cause and cure of pandemic, define or be defined, epistemology, capitalism misrepresented, Ayn Rand on capitalism, Dr Francis Christian, informed consent, tyranny of capitalism

16:05 Only one tyranny: freedom and liberty, capitalism is not fascism, why fascists hate capitalism but love capitalists, good forms of government, two tyrannies, never learn from history, separating state from economics, argument from depravity, changing man’s nature, capitalism demands the best, the issue is consent

37:45 Fascist capitalists: agile government, the virtue of national sovereignty, fascists calling Trump fascist, fascism’s merger with capitalists

51:40 Sounds like fascism: agile government is fascism, when government cannot mandate – business can, capitalists versus capitalism, capitalist is an economic term, capitalism is a political term

59:42 END