730 – Topics


00:03 Fascist phone calls: complete and total domination, injections as bio weapons, Ontario government phones unvaccinated to schedule injection, Personal Health Information Protection Act 2004 being used to disseminate personal medical information, forcing employers to adopt ‘vaccine’ mandate, Covid19 is re-branded flu, demanding 100% of population to get injections, turning schools into death camps, not just a local fascist pandemic

18:36 Child abuse: gene therapy injections, injections for children is child abuse, mix and match haphazard approach to injections, therapy, vaccines, viruses, pathogens, pandemic not about health

32:05 Shame on Holder: London rally with Chris Sky, London BIA recommends downtown businesses close to avoid rally, Downtown London not a business association, London mayor Ed Holder to file ethics complaint against councillor Michael van Holst, Holder as a sociopathic fascist, London’s globalist agenda, Holder ignoring the evidence

51:45 Sinister agenda: sinister means Left, murder charges against vaccinators in Britain, propaganda war against unvaccinated, Eight injections planned so far, speaking out for freedom and against fascism

59:42 END