724 – Topics


00:03 Question authority: September 20 Canadian election, personal bias, experience of voting at advance poll, key election issue, Guest: Mike McMullen, PPC only party advocating individual freedom, learning experience, confronting debate event organizers, double vaccinations no protections, behaving like fascists, PPC suddenly appearing in mainstream media, media smearing PPC supporters, mainstream media lies and censorship, growing fortunes for PPC

14:15 Militant discrimination: comparing election experiences as PPC attracts support, Covid issue accelerates political support, personal accounts of opposition to government ‘health’ policies, fake news, militant discrimination, virtue signaling as altruism, media controlled by Post Media, censorship issues, social media restrictions, vaccine experiences, Brian Peckford comes on side with PPC

30:05 Change my mind: University of Western Ontario opposition to forced vaccinations, lockdowns don’t work – change my mind, most oppose lockdowns, younger constituency, enthusiasm at Western, Professor Julie Ponesse on ethics, destroying lives through discrimination, fake fact checkers, lies hurt lives, lies promote hate, from old Left to new Left, wasted and split vote myths, the Right is yet to be discovered, voting against instead of for

45:35 Purple wave: other countries reflect political parallels with Canada, Five Eyes, purple wave, traditional parties all the same, electoral regulations, when people are fascists themselves, speculation on the political possibilities, motivations for early election call, Trudeau’s series of scandals, shorter elections favor incumbents, savior politics, election process, Conservative leadership party, transparency in elections, planning for after the election

59:42 END