721 – Topics


00:03 Cognitive dissonance: viral pandemic fiction, midst of world war, feedback follow up, Canadian election call, insane covid narratives, Australian tyranny, stolen election and Donald Trump, Afghanistan crisis, Trudeau avoids media and discussion of issues, Just Right endorses the People’s Party of Canada, Freedom Party members supporting the PPC, early election call

19:15 Other: Canadian leader’s debate, Canada leadership poll, polls for four parties on the Left, Singh’s anti-democratic philosophy, Singh lies about Bernier, Singh silencing Canadian voters, Rebel Media told of Block Quebecois policy against their reporters, establishment politicians acting out of fear, Trudeau’s terrorist agenda

38:30 Australia down and under dictatorship: irrational covid rules demonstrate covid falsehoods, destroying Western economies and democracies, Melbourne Australia protests, police use tear gas and rubber bullets against peaceful demonstrators, police hypocrisy on protests

51:12 The art of war: Donald Trump described as the art of war personified, Sun Tzu, we are in a state of war, virus scare as propaganda, injections are the weapon, cognitive dissonance and pursuing what does not work, vaccines are cause of third and fourth wave, Trudeau on climate change, breaking the spell of propaganda, prescription for truth

59:42 END