719 – Topics


00:03 The wrong to property: forced injections via private business, right to private property, freedom of association, private property and fascism, outlawing vaccination discrimination, dangerous social trend, commerce as a public activity, humans as rational beings, trade and consent, Joe Biden’s call for fascist vaccinations, basic definitions, property, discrimination, choice

17:00 Contract and status: censorship concerns, truth under attack, Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers on outlawing vaccine discrimination, Isabel Paterson on the society of contract and the society of status, commerce, commercial law trade, person, public publication, public, policy, private, vaccines

37:12 Public-private partnership: enormity of the criminal conspiracy, vaccinations and shedding, Fauci’s call for forced vaccination, blaming the unvaccinated for spreading viruses

53:15 The issue is consent: obviating consent, fraud, misrepresentation, trade, commerce, rise of individual rights, proper function of government, purpose of government, on the board game of trade, allowing private interests to determine public policy

59:42 END