707 – Topics


00:03 Both true and false: state of injustice and tyranny, winning back our freedom, principled parties against lockdowns, People’s Party of Canada, Freedom Party of Ontario, Kelly Egan’s whacky criticism of Randy Hillier, accepting contradictions, Egan on the side of fascism, misunderstanding the nature of political parties

12:50 Frankly speaking about politics and principles: frustration over vaccines, misconceptions about political parties, disagreement disguised as offence, political parties are not democratic institutions, political parties are not owned by members, conservatives divided, party constitutions, political parties are private associations, parties have the right to expel undesirable members, good people in bad parties, isms versus freedom, the democratic marketplace, CPC member suspensions

25:50 Freedom is essential: church lockdowns unacceptable, freedom is essential to all not just to some, you can’t just forget the political brand, single issue parties are doomed, April 12 2006 interview of Bob Metz by Jeff Schlemmer, philosophy of freedom, former fan of Pierre Trudeau, discovery of government as problem, Marc Emery, Libertarian Party, moral relativism, understanding the realities of new parties, inertia of established parties, successfully lobbying on issues, Sunday shopping, Business Improvement Areas, London-Middlesex Taxpayers’ Coalition, Ontario Taxpayers’ Coalition, Hold All London Taxes (HALT), demonstrating results before appealing for votes, not a sacrifice but a price, why most parties are the same, collectivist politicians all believe in a ‘fixed pie’ theory, transfer of wealth is where government growth occurs, Newfoundland and Iceland, spreading the poverty not the wealth, poverty and collectivism, not economic but moral, discovery of Ayn Rand, getting on the political stage is the major challenge, Freedom Party as number one second choice for all other party supporters, vying for the center, getting something for nothing, voters ignorant about politics, the nature of government, government is a gun, platforms irrelevant to voters, Liberals attract voters because they spend tax dollars, diminishing returns of government spending, means and ends are always the same

53:25 Shared values: can’t go wrong with freedom, ‘Sharing is the great Canadian tradition’, danger to Canada is its citizens, a depraved electorate will to have Trudeau as the Prince of Fools in a Confederacy of fools, becoming worthy of voting in a free society

59:42 END