702 – Topics


00:03 Indigenous racism: UNDRIP an obscure issue, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, variant of Canada’s racist virus, Agenda 21 and Great Reset, Canada’s poor history with aboriginal groups, First Nations influenced by global interests, Gary McHale and the Caledonia crisis, parallel to today’s lockdown tactics

09:45 A communist manifesto: Guest: Ron Vaillant, brief history of UNDRIP, PPC connections to Canadian freedoms, CanDRIP, tipping point for Canada, UN Agenda 2030 signed by Harper, Maxime Bernier’s experience with CPC supporting Agenda 2030, caribou recovery and UNDRIP, Bill C-15 and the 46 Articles of UNDRIP, Article 26, indigenous rights declared without definition of term, making Canadian law adhere to UNDRIP articles, letter campaign to MPs, Bill 262 (2018), Senate saves Canada, political experience in last election, indigenous land proclamations, strict limits on use of property, small bands with undue power, no legal or official definition of ‘indigenous’

30:55 Doublespeak: United Nations beating West with a collectivist hammer, UN members opposed to Western values, Crown lands, immigrants may claim indigenous status, redistribution of wealth, Canadian government accepts all principles of UNDRIP, doublespeak, dangerous consequences of UNDRIP, caribou recovery to ancestral hunting numbers, massive land grab, article 46, PPC as a political option, educating MPs

48:05 : parks and crown lands, Reform Party Aboriginal Task Force – 1995, Drawing the Line – Property Rights and the Aboriginal question, racism, no such thing as collective rights, establishing the principle of individual rights, privatization of reserve land, social contracts less desirable than private property rights, Assembly of First Nations against the Indian Act, ownership establishes the right to be caretakers of the land, sovereignty of nations under attack

59:42 END