698 – Topics


00:03 What can individuals do? World Wide Rallies For Freedom, rallying against oppression more than rallying for freedom, new voices pointing towards freedom, protesting in a democracy where the majority disagree, upcoming Canadian election

10:36 Proud reactionary: rejection by Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), CPC as a party of elitism and the Left, conservatism an attitude towards life and politics, not a dogma or ideology, a love affair with freedom’s traditions, fear of reactionary label, conservatives should be proud reactionaries, left as death cult, public state of perpetual agitation, change for sake of change,
conservatives handicapped, from definitions to reality, history of state power expansion – corporatism, zero sum game, conditions of anarchy

32:52 Castle of lies CPC history as a party of deceit and lying, conservatives repeatedly voting CPC, Liberal party not about liberty, French-English divide in Canada – the Compact, true conservatives have no political option, Maxime Bernier and the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), Bernier as a Quebecker, Bernier embraces ideas of the enlightenment, Freedom Party of Ontario, conservatives as ‘rump’ of Canadian politics, lockdown disaster, revulsion towards all Canadian political leaders, Bernier in the French tradition of the Age of Enlightenment, not about democracy but about freedom, Bernier embraces the federation, the reincarnation of Sir Wilfred Laurier, being liberal in terms of ideas and values, conservatism is natural – all else is artificial

53:00 Bottom line: government purpose is to protect individual freedom of choice, absolute rights of life liberty and property, bottom line on change, the necessity of political actions, futility of changing parties within, political parties are not democracies, discussion as political action, censorship of the Left

59:42 END