698 – Clips & Credits


(A) Castle 706 (Every choice you make)
(B) Amazing Polly, Polly St George, February 4 2021 (Fear of success)
(C) American Thought Leaders, Epoch Times, March 11 2021 (Laurence Fox and the Reclaim Party)
(D) Modern Wisdom, March 3 2021, Michel Malice (Mindless people)
(E) Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, March 11 2021 (Why are conservatives still voting conservative?)
(F) Maxime Bernier, March 2021 (Autonomous provincial governments)
(G) Matt Christianson, September 10 2020 (No democracy please)
(H) Green Acres 205 (Then why are you in jail?)

Hosted By: Bob Metz and Robert Vaughan
Guest: Salim Mansur