696 – Topics


00:03 The importance of being right: Jordan Peterson and Gad Saad on Left and Right, not right wing, The Parasitic Mind, Gad Saad in 2018 conversation with Just Right, idea pathogens, avoiding the right political label

14:40 No defining point: flawed epistemology behind political ‘spectrum’, fundamental confusion about Left and Right, no definition, Left and Right discussion spurred by maladaptive idea pathogen, Left and Right – real and unreal, ideas are not pathogens, a personal account of voting on the freedom of speech issue, censorship and free speech each supported by left- and right-wing, no in-between, ‘right-wing’ based on fake concept defined by parasitic pathogen generated by the Left

35:27 Conspiracy network: a network of conspiratorial thinking, Q-anon, turning the goal of fighting for freedom into a conspiracy, Jordan Peterson’s skepticism about a stolen election

49:10 The defining issue: Left-wing tyranny cited by Trump, free speech essential, virtuous label, resisting the Right because of its label, avoiding the evidence of the senses and of experience, Liberals and Conservatives all on the Left

59:42 END