695 – Topics


00:03 Juggling the pandemic zeitgeist: spotting the rot, truth in a world of liars and censorship, some people value truth and some do not, juggling the pandemic zeitgeist, feedback from Sean and Andrew, mask physics

17:35 Faith and fear: the age of the stupid, climate change to covid-19, turning natural events into existential threats, fear and faith, chasm of knowledge, prime directive is to keep public ignorant of truth, ignorance breeds fear, fear becomes the virus, Rathbone on evil, projecting one’s own evil on to others

32:25 Fake news media: getting bogged down in statistics, news media working to maintain fear and terror, Alex Petro – the unrepentant bar owner, China syndrome

49:35 Inconvenient truths: acceptance of truth takes a long time, lies are accepted quickly, truth is not always on our side, truth must be learned, truth is a human value, truth as an abstraction, definitions and a defining point in history

59:42 END