695 – Clips & Credits


(A) Kung Fu 113 (What is truth?)
(B) Sydney Watson, January 29 2021 (What is even happening?)
(C) What’sHerFace, February 14 2021 (Welcome to the upside down) / Bill Whittle, February 21 2021 (It’s not nonsense)
(D) Dinesh D’Souza, January 28 2021 (Is the US beyond repair?)
(E) Fernwood Tonight 25 (Bogged down in statistics)
(F) Awaken With JP, December 3 2020, (Fact check)
(G) X-22 Report, February 18 2021 (General Flynn on the nature of truth)
(H) That Mitchell and Webb Look 102 (Hospital hospitality)

Hosted By: Bob Metz