692 – Topics


00:03 No pay no pal: flattening the curve for state run medicine, no health care but a health scare, the new terrorism, PayPal prevents donor from contributing to Just Right, demanding birth dates of Just Right guests, cancel culture, COVID used as justification for rights violations and the entrenchment of a police state

18:35 Police state health scare: Horror stories in Long Term Care homes, never was a ‘curve’ to flatten, COVID tests invalid and irrelevant, Trudeau’s COVID prisons, Trudeau is a communist, Trudeau’s Great Reset, report from Anon, empty hospitals, ICU ‘crisis’, critical care rationing, hospitals allow families to determine treatments, Long Term Care homes prevent families from visiting

34:20 Politicians never care – about others: why politicians don’t care about the dying, government as instrument of force, saving the health care system at the cost of lives, saving political reputations and credibility through lockdowns-propaganda-censorship, Progressive Conservative record on destroying health care in Ontario, Doug Ford opposed to freedom, force and fraud as medical practice, force is what is governed, objective morality required, socialism false attractions, socialism is self-destructive

45:55 Living in tyranny: thanks to Rebel Media, creeping dictatorships don’t exist, socialism has been in Ontario for over half a century, inequality before the elites, exposing the true nature of the COVID crime, freedom is a moral construct, the coming wave of censorship, breakdown of due process and rule of law

59:42 END