690 – Topics


00:03 Still Ontario’s premier covid case: an America’s revolutionary backdrop, Ontario premier Doug Ford ousts MPP Roman Baber, Andrea Horwath’s intolerance, Roman Baber’s open letter to Doug Ford, existential political crisis, Ford’s irrational reaction

10:30 Ford’s political ideology: process of ‘recission,’ danger in calling for vaccinations, common fallacies about the ‘covid vaccines’, no protection against covid, no end to lockdowns, no end to forced masking, Paul McKeever praises Baber-Hillier-Karahalios, ‘irresponsibility’ and ‘spreading misinformation’, no room for political ideology says Ford, Freedom Party of Ontario covid view now considered misinformation by Ford, opposing views on the purpose of government, personal Facebook fact check

19:30 Mainstream Carter: radio talk show host Alan Carter, Carter’s interview with Roman Baber, Carter’s failed smear of Baber, Carter’s false equivalency, Former Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Richard Schabas’ open letter to Ford,

40:20 Selfish altruists: public virtue signaling, selfish altruism, masked altruism, vaccines no cure for fascism, vaccines are not vaccines but an “experimental generic therapy technology,” America’s current revolution

59:42 END