686 – Topics


00:03 Blueprint of destruction: Christmas re-set, Ontario’s province-wide lockdown, Boxing Day lockdown, flattening flattened curves, circular arguments, banning family gatherings, London Mayor Ed Holder’s masked intentions, COVID-19 and the Great Reset, making sense of the lockdowns requires acknowledging the Great Reset

11:35 Ford’s fake leadership: Doug Ford’s Agenda 21 COVID ploy, global coordination of lockdowns, Ford’s misrepresentation of definitions-statistics-numbers-percentages, deflecting Ontario’s failures onto others, fake new strain of COVID-19, repeated call for vaccinations, abandoning precautionary principle for vaccines, Dr Vernon Coleman on vaccine health impacts, vaccine ‘health impact events’, V-safe smartphone application, expected high volume of adverse drug reactions to vaccine

32:15 The fallacy of consensus: Lord Christopher Monckton on Agenda 21, fallacy of consensus, environmentalists are Marxists, Agenda 21 and the Earth Summit, plan to shut down the West, attacking energy supply, creating a collapsed economic state, sustainability agenda, finite resources, truth does not matter to the new conservatives, people already dying due to sustainability agenda, the DDT scandal, the Left does not care about human life; ruthless depopulation agenda

52:30 Agenda 21 is already here: what the truth is, poor populations breed faster than rich populations, to decrease population numbers, raise the standard of living, why bother with elections, the myth of COVID-19, politicians all mirroring globalist agenda to destroy freedom, we the people versus they the globalists, myth of COVID-19 just propaganda

59:42 END