676 – Topics


00:03 Thanks for giving us fascism: politicians advise against families celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Canada, arbitrary fascism on a whim, no due process, Ontario government daily employee questionnaire, tracking and tracing, vaccine imperative, questionnaire solution

17:45 COVID ignorance is no longer bliss: Pew Report on religious and atheist, ‘nones’ and atheists, COVID deniers, COVID believers, ignorance and bliss about COVID, funeral dis-service, Amazing Polly

36:35 Socialist distancing: social distancing altruism, banality of evil, Chris Saccocia on masking, WHO on masks and lockdown, the totalitarian psychology of social distancing

50:15 The Great Re-set: Klaus Schwabb and the Davos crowd, Pope Francis supports New World Order, Pope Francis opposes capitalism, the Catholic Church’s long-standing hatred of capitalism, ‘re-inventing capitalism,’ stakeholder capitalism, public-private partnerships, lockdowns and submission to masks, ends and means are always the same

59:42 END