675 – Topics


00:03 Dead people voting: not learning from history, October surprise- Trump tests positive for COVID-19, para-military forces of Democratic Party, Left will amplify its campaign against Trump, confidence in Trump’s victory, how much of a flip in the House of Representatives, a second Trump term will be dramatic, accepting results of upcoming election, fraudulent voting, mail-in ballots, no peaceful transition for Trump, Democrats announce that they will not accept a Trump victory, past Democratic election frauds, planned electoral fraud, expect electoral litigation

13:25 All about race: Götterdämmerung, Biden a throw-away leader, Democratic Party imploding, Democratic Party of socialism and communism, Obama as transformational president, past complete Democratic control of all levers of government, the war of appointing Supreme Court judges, creating a post-constitutional post-republican state, over-confidence in electoral victory by previous Democratic administration, California as a one-party state, contrasting political responses to COVID-19, a brief history of the Democratic Party, rule changers in the middle of the game, racial politics as the core of Democratic Party

28:20 Ethical imperative: the racial problem with Democrats, abandoning the individual, state redistribution of wealth, global state instead of nation state, the Great Re-set, who’s the real enemy, George Soros, Bill Gates, globalist capitalists, the Davos crowd, indoctrinating children in schools, taking care of planet, global politics being played out only in Western nations, no representative voice for Right, People’s Party of Canada (PPC), uni-party interests of establishment politicians in Washington, disconnect between elite and the people, defend the planent as the ethical imperative, informed electorate, parties that lead instead of following, easy to accuse the people of being ignorant, to change the system change the children

46:45 Targeting Trump: what they do know that ain’t so, public misinformed, by schools – media – censorship, major challenge is to get the truth out, Hitler’s Götterdämmerung, Democrats incapable of electoral victory within free debate environment, post-constitutional post-republican order, Hillary’s deplorables, teaching systemic racism and climate change to children, slavery as humanity’s natural global condition, white skin as symbol of Western culture, creating an electorate willing to support a Democratic agenda, Marxist ideology in America, Trump offers renewed energy to those against globalist agenda, Democrats will lose election but claim Trump’s presidency illegitimate due to racism, the COVID cover for authoritarian politics, target Trump, coronavirus a deliberate bioweapon against Trump

59:42 END