674 – Topics


00:03 Religiously political: COVID-19 persecution of Christians, religious versus non-religious, religious left versus religious right, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Protestants as the religious right, left-wing Catholics, religion not the barometer of political values, Fr Robert Altier

13:40 Case load: mainstream media COVID-19 lies, self-contradictory COVID news updates, cases and caseloads, Fr Robert Altier (Crystal Minnesota), Rev James Altman (La Crosse Wis), Catholic clergy seeks to discipline priests for political views, divisions in Catholic church – conservative versus mainstream faithful, Donald Trump and the coming revolution

36:25 Subjective rule of man: Jefferson or St Just, a polarized binary choice, self government versus rule by others, democracy, republic, majority rule, Isobel Paterson, Christianity and freedom, Rome as a republic, tribal history, the Enlightenment, the atheist problem, dictatorships and atheism, philosophy of materialism

53:10 The new elite: Elitism versus Donald Trump, elitism versus populism, elitism – mysticism – satanism, Ayn Rand and mysticism, Left and Right polarity within religions

59:42 END