672 – Topics


00:03 Debunking conspiracy debunkers: two competing narratives – Left and Right, we are in a police state, the necessity of theories, official misinformation from mainstream media, conspiracy theories gaining traction, media propaganda against ‘COVID Truthers’, accepting authority in deference, banning independence of thought, the pure evil of fascism

21:40 Crony fascism: government not interested in health, living with 1930s politics of Germany, private interests, ‘crony capitalism’ a contradiction, crony politics is fascism

36:40 So who’s violent? Rachel Elnaugh’s COVID theory, creeping fascism, laws against freedom of association and speech, collectivists of the right and left, violence and racism as sole attributes of the Left

50:55 It’s just Right: Conspiracy’21, still wrong on Left and Right, the necessity of political polarization, fear of being right, why many on Right deny their own identity

59:42 END