671 – Topics


00:03 Blinded by mainstream media: blinded by science and statistics, COVID-19 stats fraudulent, anti-COVID-19 lockdown protests in Berlin, millions attend Berlin protests, fake numbers presented by fake news media

15:40 Bloodlust of the Left: disbelief about tyranny, World War I, World War II, death cult of the Left, long history of media misinformation and lies, COVID-19 war parallels, eternal conflict between Left and Right

28:05 The circle’s world: rejecting the labels of Left and Right, the necessity of political labels, conflating Left and Right benefits the Left, Rocco Galati’s circular argument about Left and Right, Nazis and communists, the unasked question, a circular end, the necessity of Left and Right, Right wing, fear of definitions, self-inflicted epistemological suicide

47:15 Define or be defined: political labels, people versus ideas, Left and Right only valid concepts when polarized, in the political center of nowhere, using polarity as a compass, evil wins with moral compromise, left-wing right-wingers, Left and Right as axiomatic concepts, fixing the political compass with accurate definitions, contrasting the essentials of Left and Right, the power of labels, define or be defined

59:42 END