670 – Topics


00:03 Voices rising: never-ending lockdowns, planned second wave, awareness of public rising, mainstream media continually fails to deliver accurate news, anti-COVID-19 lockdown protests in Berlin-London-Ottawa, lack of awareness about protests, lack of property damages and fires in protests, distinction between protest and riot, mainstream media the main enemy in our midst, planning the forced collective, forbidding individualism, masks symbolic of fascism, from ignorance to fear to tyranny, alarming irrationality in an emotional plague, we are not alone, pluralistic ignorance, the Ottawa August 29 protest, plans for school re-openings akin to child abuse

17:04 Power of definition (with Christopher Essex): data and data theoretical structure, ways to decrease the death rate by definition, death rate on planet, rejecting definition, political Left and Right, polarity of Left and Right, Nazis and Communists both on the Left, no effort made to think, learning to trust news and information sources, common sense within the commons, fear of self-expression, lack of valid information, taking time to assess situations, first do no harm

37:05 Climbing down from the Tower of Babel: words define the laws, acknowledgement of epistemology a good sign, individualism versus identity politics, regular folks possess all of the common sense necessary, words as concepts, words as values, misused definitions, SARS CoV-2 virus, COVID-19, pandemic, cases, deaths, mask, Ron Paul and mask mandates

48:50 Communist Organized Virus Infection Deployment: mainstream media has earned the contempt and distrust, re-defining COVID, media spewing constant barrage of fake news hysteria, Doug Ford vows to shut down Ontario schools based on case statistics, double viral whammy planned on way, dueling epidemics, planned vaccine campaigns, fake news speculative terrorism, the precautionary principle, 100 tons of prevention versus an ounce of cure, developing our own COVID response – a true news media network or outlet

59:42 END