667 – Topics


00:03 The smoking gun: mask shaming, hydroxychloroqine a taboo subject, social media censorship of Capitol Hill media conference, blaming false theories for the crisis, world wide protests against mask wearing, health care fascists, mainstream media spreads fake news about hydroxychloroquine, censorship as the Left’s tool of persuasion

17:20 A killing agenda: consistency of scientific and medical arguments among front line doctors, waiting for vaccines, Canadian government’s COVID-19 app, from voluntary to compulsory

36:10 Witnesses to a crime: the censors’ motives, the settled science of the Left, 2015 Ontario ‘vaccinate or mask’ policy struck down by union arbitrator, shaming with masks, wearing masks symbolic only, Dr Simone Gold fired for speaking out

50:20 Shut the Gates up!: Bill Gates calls hydroxychloroquine ‘nutty stuff’, Gates pushing vaccine, WHO chief says no silver bullet for COVID-19, wearing masks a collectivist exercise, Fauchi uses case counts to justify lockdown extension, Just Right broadcasts as weapons of war

59:42 END