664 – Topics


00:03 Re-masking fascism: mandatory mask wearing orders sweep Ontario municipalities, still no evidence that masks work, mandatory masking a political order – not medical, London mayor Ed Holder requests mandatory masking despite lack of coronavirus health issues, Holder’s ‘education’ campaign, feedback, mask slogans, shopping experiences, Statement of Claim filed by lawyer Rocco Gilati

20:15 Just follow the money: delegation of authority to municipalities a tactic preventing people from the right to assert their rights, Bill 195 authorizes emergency powers in absence of emergency, the masking debate, masking propaganda war, lack of proof that masks are effective, partial list of defendants to court challenge

36:20 COVID censorship: Denis Rancourt’s battle with COVID censorship, Rancourt argues COVID peak represents accelerated mass homicide by government

50:25 Forced submission: COVID-19 death statistics fraudulent, SARS CoV-2 ‘cases’ count fraudulent, government officials ignoring science and reputable authorities in their field, masking laws merely to enforce submission

59:42 END