663 – Topics


00:03 Masked intentions: COVID-19 derangement syndrome, is politics inescapable, mandatory mask laws, Freedom Party of Ontario, public’s ignorance and confusion about SARS CoV-2, public support for mandated masks, acceptance of infringment of freedom, facts and narratives

17:55 Hoping for the second wave: hydroxychloroquine, Donald Trump’s endorsement of hydroxychloroquine, COVID-19 deaths declining, possibilities versus probabilities, mathematical inevitability, youth and vulnerability, ramping up COVID-19 regulations without cause, Paul McKeever on why face masks may not be mandatory in Durham Region, Ford government to make emergency regulations permanent, Ontario Bill 195

41:00 Hating success: Andrew Cohen on Trump’s lack of empathy, hating Trump for his success, more public hating of Donald Trump

50:40 Hating Donald Trump: mainstream media hatred of Trump, Gwynne Dyer fake news on Trump’s campaign of racist incitement and slander, Robin Baranyai falsely accuses Trump of lying and undermining confidence in news reporting

59:42 END