662 – Topics


00:03 Trump trumps Trudeau: Canada Day, Independence Day, Justin Trudeau’s sinister message to Canadians, Donald Trump’s inspiring message to Americans, symbolism of Mount Rushmore

14:50 Visions: Trudeau’s vision for Canada, chilling Canada Day message, opportunities through unity, Trudeau’s concern with Liberal policy, Trudeau says Canada not the best country, Trudeau’s undefined mission, Canada’s future fighting racism, Canada’s future path of reconciliation, erasing Canadian history, Dominion Day, restarting Canada without a plan

35:50 Masking the issue:COVID-19 headline news stories, Terence Corcoran on the precautionary principle, COVID-19 lockdown a precautionary disaster, Denis G. Rancourt, face masks as a symbol of Left and Right

52:05 Slaves to racism: Kayleigh McEnany, lesson in epistemology, Black Lives Matter, symbol of hate, black history, slavery a universal historical fact

59:42 END