662 – Clips & Credits


(A) Sliders 213 (Deported to Canada)
(B) Fox News, July 3 2020, Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore (America’s greatness)
(C) CPAC, July 1 2020, Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (Canada sucks)
(D) Akkad Daily, July 5 2020, Carl Benjamin (The battle of Mount Rushmore)
(E) Twitter post, July 2020 (It’s just some of y’all need to wake up)
(F) Computing Forever, Dave Cullen, June 11 2020 (The truth about face masks) / Blaze TV, July 2 2020, Sara Gonzales, Jaco Booyens (Unmasked)
(G) White House Media Briefing, July 1 2020, Kayleigh McEnany (Symbol of hate)
(H) I dream of Jeannie 102 (What is this United States of America)

Hosted By: Bob Metz