661 – Topics


00:03 Canarchy: COVID-19 lockdowns to continue, Black Lives Matter is racist, Canada in state of anarchy, Marxist agenda, paralyzed by ideology, cultures and nations, white guilt, silence is consent, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson about the Vancouver BLM protest

15:05 Black and white truths about BLM: mail in voting, ANTIFA and BLM as fraudulent, trained Marxists, inarticulate and incoherent movement, God of the Machine, Isobel Paterson on Marxism, for BLM racism is always systemic, fascism and anarchy, force is what is governed

29:55 Values and beliefs: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, beliefs and values, group think, Ayn Rand on values, values depend on freedom of choice, values as measurement

46:50 Altruistic racism: white liberals and black Americans, racism driven by altruism, Isobel Paterson on the lust for power, collective unity dependent on non-thinking, Left and Right

59:42 END