658 – Topics


00:03 Unmasked! the hypocrisy of the Left, George Floyd riots and protests, continuing government propaganda on COVID19, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson on the fraudulent suppression of hydroxychloroquine, WHO announcement that a-symptomatic transmission of virus very rare, maskne, protesters for racism

12:40 Twilight of the gods: 1968 burning of American cities, Democratic convention in Chicago, mayhem in America, blue state problem points, issue is left and right, not about justice, timing of riots right after lockdown ending, all intentional and planned, final shot at Trump’s presidency, the Democratic Party is a party of the Left – of slave owners – of segregationists – of the black plantation – created the KKK, Antifa, BLM, critical nature of black vote, Democrats all about the politics of race, Nationalist Socialist Workers Party (NAZI), power for power’s sake, not about winning but about annihilation, the German Götterdämmerung, an orchestrated anarchy, a deliberate destruction by a losing regime – the Democrats, recruited those indoctrinated through progressive schools as brown-shirts, the German people had failed, people proven unworthy – politics of the Left, psychological projection

35:30 Trump still towers: Democrats played race card right through the end, they know they still cannot defeat Trump, George Floyd even seized upon by fascists, all hot spots in America are Democrat jurisdictions, no Democratic agenda, racist history of Democratic Party, more mayhem and noise helps confuse and confound the people, but the people have woken up, landslide election predicted for Trump, hatred of America by progressives, they hate the constitutional order, Marxism meant to be grounded in an advanced economy, communism advanced in backward countries

52:00 The emotional plague: killing granny, ideology, Left and Right, systemic racism is collectivism, William Reich and the emotional plague of fascism

59:42 END