655 – Topics


00:03 Here to stay: World Health Organization, coronavirus here to stay, WHO’s agenda, return to normalcy, vaccine agenda, permanent shutdown as new normal, Professor Dolores Cahill, Ireland’s shutdown

15:35 Political and medical malpractice: vaccine as cause of Italian COVID-19 outbreak, Fauchi calls for extending shutdown and for more testing, Fauchi predicts second wave, diametrically opposed medical assessments of SARS Cov-2,

35:30 Altruistically selfish: Macdonald-Laurier Institute letter accuses Trudeau of ‘shifting goalposts’ and spreading fear, selfless shutdown versus selfish economic activity, the Virtue of Selfishness, Doug Ford as premier example of altruism, moral implosion, ethics of emergencies,

47:35 The purpose of government protecting freedom of choice rather than restricting it, the purpose of government, the nature of government, force is what is governed, micromanagement of economy, arbitrary and irrational rules and restrictions

59:42 END