654 – Topics


00:03 The not normal: getting back to normal, enlargening the power and influence of government, new normal – old normal – not normal, vaccine narrative as fake news, YouTube bans Drs Erickson – Massihi – Mikovits, Plague of Corruption

19:40 Taboo narratives: avoidance of hydroxychloroquine treatment, American Medial Association and Canadian Medical Association advise against hydroxychloroquine, the danger of coronavirus vaccines, effective vaccine unlikely, physical distancing can be harmful, hospitals empty, shutdowns ineffective, testing limitations, deadly ventilators, COVID19 government grants, alternate effective treatments

36:00 Conspiring to know: viral conspiracies, SARS CoV-2 a unique virus, not ‘due to the COVID-19 virus, controlled recoveries as fascism, ending the phony lockdown debate, self interest and the general interest, altruism and selfishness

52:25 The virtue of selfishness: tale of the selfish hairstylist, Shelly Luther, selfishness vs altruism

59:42 END