653 – Topics


00:03 Pandemic parallels: COVID-19 meets climate change, Michael Moore’s release of Planet of the Humans, the Population Bomb, honest expose of green energy initiatives, shut down cited as ideal condition by environmentalists

18:00 Less is for more-ons: the real green agenda – destroying capitalism, calls for doing less and being lazy, creating a new story, the contradiction of ‘less is more’, mainstream media and political acceptance of environmental ideology,

34:25 Self interested: deconstructing Planet of the Humans, Michael Moore, Jeff Gibbs, Ozzie Zehner, hatred of profit motive, the three Rs, not about CO2, green energy biomass subsidies, altruism and self interest, infinite growth on a finite planet, growth and survival of life, capitalism is a moral system, self-loathing of the Left

48:30 Essentially wrong about what’s essential: protest against shut down in Toronto, all jobs essential, protesting viewpoints, Ted Harlson, interpretations of essential services, calls to end the shut down

59:42 END