652 – Topics


00:03 Open Says-me: end the shut down now, current data is now refuting predictions, the Swedish approach, protests against shut down beginning, Doug Ford condemns protesters, altruism and selfishness, John Tory calls for sacrifice, cancer patients unnecessarily suffering

15:15 Empty hospitals: irrational police enforcement of social distancing, history of police actions enforcing the disruption of the economy, dispatches from the front lines of an Ontario hospital, ‘health care system capacity’ a meaningless concept, continuing evidence against using ventilators on COVID19 patients, risking lives to artificially boost the stats, hospitals are f’n dead, using front line workers as proxy warriors for political tyranny,

33:30 Deniers: Dr Dan Erickson, Dr Artin Massihi, isolation weakens the immunity system, competing medical philosophies, cult of sacrifice, altruism as a death cult, coronavirus deniers, mainstream media denies the fact that hospitals are empty, conservatives, far right, conspiracy theories, establishment theories about the virus and shut down no longer make sense,

46:50 Our poisonous media: bioweapon theory denial, Chinese government murders and enslaves its own people as matter of course, fake news in the major media about Trump and coronavirus,

59:42 END