646 – Topics


00:03 Panic-demic: COVID-19, Donald Trump’s declaration of a state of emergency, the black swan of coronavirus, China as premier incubator of infectious flu strains, balancing unknowns against the known, the zeitgeist of our day, climate change, Y2K, viruses as part of life, World Health Organization declaration of pandemic

16:30 In flew Enza: Spanish flu, censorship, unsanitary environment, World War I, no immunity or treatments for coronavirus, low statistics, misleading statistics, economic and political consequences of government action, contradictory experts, media anxiety and panic

34:15 Rationing health care: changing circumstances, trivial statistics, Boris Johnson’s warning to Britain, Ontario hospitals and health care system, rationing health care, socialism and health care, single payer system, why draconian measures may not work, alternate approaches to fighting coronavirus

48:50 Nagging conclusion: taking COVID-19 seriously, highly contagious, adaptations of the virus, Donald Trump’s declaration of national emergency, secondary and unintended consequences, government as superficial and symbolic, freedom or license, bubonic plague, statistical discrepancies, avoiding anxiety and panic, global spread may have occurred long before known

59:42 END