644 – Topics


00:03 The Black Swan: China in the news, COVID-19 almost suggesting a COVID-20, trade impeded by coronavirus, beyond virology and into politics, the black swan, politics of coronavirus, influenza type flu may go pandemic, the metaphor of the Black Swan, unknowns in China, China a closed totalitarian society, first identified individual in December, Wuhan China doctor quarantined and died, coronavirus spreading throughout Europe, good news – vaccine being developed by Israelis and Americans, context required in media, history’s landmark panic events – Y2K – SARS pandemonium – avian flu (coronavirus) – past panics faded away, political dimension of coronavirus, blaming Trump for the virus, CDC – Center for Disease Control, political weaponization of coronavirus, Trump took action in January, racist accusations for targetting China, 60 cases versus 300 million population, Europe’s open border risks (12:06)

22:10 Inside China: racism accusations, China’s diet and hygiene habits, using racism to prevent discussion, Chinese news cannot be trusted, quarantine is not effective in dealing with coronavirus, Trudeau’s infatuation with China’s authoritarianism, Michael Bloomberg’s infatuation with China, China’s history of horrors, video evidence of Chinese police shooting people for failure to obey evacuation orders, China as a laboratory of globalism, China as center of supply chain, Salim’s first hand view of China, chain gang slavery in China, Chinese not permitted to speak of oppression, China’s culture needs to be discussed, China is world’s premier incubator of new infectious flu strains – the 1918-19 Spanish flu – the 1957 Asian flu – Hong Kong flu of 1968 – Russian flu of 1997 – SARS outbreak of 2003, first identified victim of coronavirus in Wuhan where stage 4 lab in virology exists, possible biological and germ and warfare, was virus released on purpose, Chinese dietary habits (10:33)

35:40 It’s the economy, stupid: more serious issue than virus is effect on the global economy, politicization of coronavirus, blaming Trump, market downturns due to coronavirus, China a key issue in Trump’s trade strategy, breaking the Chinese monopoly in the world’s production supply chain, Chinese economy slowing due to virus effects, Trump policies have insulated American economy from coronavirus effects, container ships leaving Chinese ports with 10% capacity loads, inventories dropping, economic bottleneck ahead, fear of hoarding, inflationary effects already felt (8:04)

46:55 Lessons to be learned: a new dimension of globalism, interdependence of national economies, over-dependence on supply chain from China, economic ripple effect, the unreliability of China as totalitarian nation, Chinese have their own ambition to be a world power by 2049 – the 100th anniversary of Communist revolution, China a communist country with capitalist system of production, Lenin’s prophesy that capitalists will sell the rope to hang themselves with, rethinking the globalist agenda, no responsibility or accountability possible in a borderless world, Trump’s legacy will be seen as prophetic, China must undergo its own evolution towards freedom, main lesson is that China cannot be trusted, much of coronavirus news is fake news, open societies can adjust and adapt, humans will always be faced with new forms of disease, cure boils down to individual responsibility, learning about personal hygiene (9:34)

59:42 END