643 – Topics


00:03 Dark clouds over Canada: domestic scene in Canada, PCP leadership, pipeline protests, minority govt in Ottawa, Trudeau fixated on climate change and UN security council seat, an escalating railway strike, Western Canada becoming alienated because of Ottawa’s pipeline decision, continuing teachers strike in Ontario, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership campaign, conservative in name only, emergence of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), CRTC threat to license all broadcasting outlets, putting a gag on the Canadian public, corporate media smear against PPC

16:40 A choice for the Right direction: stifling of political expression through regulation and finance – Elections Canada, back to a cultural war – a free people or a controlled people? Canada increasingly becoming part of a globalist agenda, CPC and Liberals not protecting Canada’s history and culture, globalism as soft despotism and soft totalitarianism, PPC in opposition, Boris Johnson’s England and Trump’s republicans

32:20 Canadian crisis: the central govt (Ottawa) is dictating provincial policy to provinces, increasing drift towards a unitary state, triple-e-senate – equal effective elected, representation attaches to the base, nation state definitions and variants, Scotland as part of United Kingdom, Scotland’s bounded nationality in unity with the EU

51:15 Alienation: bounded territories contain more than one constituent part, bicameral system with two houses (not a federation), multi-party systems a democratic essential, France as a unitary state with two chambers, Germany made up of multi provinces with two chambers, American states form a Union, the anomaly is the Canadian system with three constituent parts: Maritime Provinces, Lower and Upper Canada, nation formed on consideration of 1867, reconsidering Canada’s confederation, threat of alienation growing into separation, options for Canada’s western provinces

59:42 END