642 – Topics


00:03 Britain’s turn in the right direction: good news re-cap, a turbulent world, positive developments, Brexit exit, Boris Johnson’s landslide majority government, a hostile European parliament, elites versus the common people, the question of globalism, European Union a globalist phenomenon, eroding the natural sovereignty of nations, the pillars of the union, little role for British parliament

13:30 A brief history of the nation state: origins of the European union, the ‘united states of Europe’, Europe and the emergence of the nation state system, emergence of independent principalities, Britain’s unique history, World Wars and the destruction of Britain, League of Nations failure, France and Germany as the pillars of a united Europe, Churchill’s support of a united Europe, Britain is with Europe but not of Europe, Britain’s experiment with the EU, from a common market to a political union, end of the British empire, Britain as head of the Commonwealth, consequences of a common currency, theoretical federation, structures of governance, America as a federation, House of Representatives, the Senate, unelected representatives, the restoration of British sovereignty through Brexit, a blow to globalism

33:45 State of the union: Trump’s flawless State of the Union address, magnificent speech, Trump as the poet of America, Trump’s recounting of achievements during his presidency, Trump’s booming American economy, under the shadow of impeachment, Nancy Pelosi’s disgraceful behavior, honoring America’s heroes, vow to fight socialism in Western hemisphere, establishment of a space force, missions to the moon and Mars, greatness of President Trump comes from America’s people, Trump’s re-election prospects, unpredictable negative events on horizon, expect more fake news, troubling development on horizon – coronavirus as the black swan

52:10 China’s political virus: coronavirus, unknown political and economic ramifications of corona virus, Germany’s ties with China’s economy, China as a closed communist country, Soviet Union’s Chernobyl crisis as parallel, China’s numerous crisis – from Taiwan to Hong Kong, coronavirus effects still speculative

59:42 END