641 – Topics


00:03 Digging their own graves: why the Left backs a process that is self-destructive, something for nothing, regulating one’s competition, regulating free speech, regulating artificial intelligence, elite purposely making middle class poorer, regulated as regulators, state capitalism, corporatism, fascism or communism, capitalism will not prevent rise of communism, business cannot cure political problems, multiculturalism as a corporate tool of hiring policy, freedom’s history forgotten, freedom in general interest, other systems in specific interests, misguided self-interest, discovering freedom’s philosophy, income tax, policy vs philosophy, politicians avoid moral issues, politicians prefer popular issues, can’t trust politicians

20:50 Peggy Sue got married: fake news is nothing new, first papers, Cuban war crisis, Spanish-American war, newspapers in decline, previous media monopoly now broken, social media and internet competition and control, publisher or platform, Free Dominion, libel and slander – broadcast and social media, media jurisdictional issues

30:30 Philosophy or politics: philosophy and its role in politics, not enough philosophy in politics, Left and Right confusion, individualism versus collectivism, political support not philosophically based for most, grass roots support for Ford or Trump, philosophically inclined never happy with their politicians, everyone operates on a philosophy, politicians with good intentions, truth – buyer beware, personal accounts of irresponsible news reporting, politicians disconnected from public concerns, politicians supporting both sides of an issue, I’m open to considering

44:35 Moving forward – towards freedom: Left and Right, Roger Scruton, capitalism descriptive, socialism prescriptive, making freedom popular, conservatives and the Right lacking an articulated belief in its values, Left in ascendancy, easy to be an activist on the Left, leftists call for moving forward, conservatives call for hesitation, politics of goals, future can be changed but past cannot, the Left is about the Future, the Right is about the past, traditional conservative versus modern conservative, religious influences on the Right, doctrinaire philosophies, moving forward is just a direction – not a destination, no limiting principles on the Left, nanny state mentality, politics as the labor of the negative, no comparative analysis on the Left, moving in a principled direction, a call for a new philosophy, Freedom Party of Ontario, moving towards freedom

59:42 END