640 – Topics


00:03 Uncommon laws: Just Right Freedom Panel premiere, Brexit exit, resistance to people’s choice, repeated referendums, just vote this time, disingenuous transition period, regaining Britain’s sovereignty, Britain’s unique history, Britain saved Europe three times, British ideas exported to America, British Bill of Rights, clash between common law and Napoleonic law, contradictory systems, Germany never learned from history, globalist agendas, individual rights opposed, competing philosophies, collectivist irony of the French revolution

18:20 Cargo cultures: Trump’s criticism of EU, migrants prefer the UK, confusing fruits of individualism with its principles, wealth and freedom, the cargo cult, capitalism in unfree nations, EU’s self-contradiction, the acceptance of contradiction, Matrix illusion

33:10 Catastrophic curriculum: climate change alarmism, need to change school curriculum, just blame climate change – for anything, climate change and war, censorship required, Great Lakes levels are cyclical, political flood blamed on climate change, sunken cities, humans very adaptable, just adapt to climate change, equating climate change with pollution, CO2 no pollutant, crying wolf about pollution

47:20 Popular populism: philosophy and electoral politics, Objectivists critical of Trump, philosophic theory and practice, short term political objectives, lawyers in politics, populism has broken up closed shop, specific objections to Trump, immigration and tariffs, philosophy blind to political jurisdiction, capitalism will not conquer communism, myopic politics, politics cannot fix politics, free trade cannot fix tariffs, armchair Objectivists, theoretical but also active, CANACE, Six Nations Reserve, Liberals and PCs the same, Freedom Party the alternative, American and Canadian living outside their constitutional bounds

59:42 END