638 – Topics


00:03 The evil that men do: downing of Flight 752 in Iran, accident or intentional, Iran’s initial denial, 57 Canadians killed, an act of terrorism, Iran largest state sponsor of terror, Iran won’t release black box, the evil that men do lives after them, Tehran airport operating without interruption, ambiguity between deliberate and context of war, a demonstration of incompetence and callousness, ‘accidents’ happen in the third world, Trudeau’s open travel and trade policy with Iran, blame vs responsibility, 1979 Canada’s Iranian closed due to its helping American diplomats, Western governments called on to close embassies in Iran, policy of containment, not getting real news from Iran, protests in Iran against government, Qassem Soleimani order deaths of 1500, isolate Iran until government brought down internally, fossil fuel independence, climate change, appeasing Iran since 1979, Iran regime has no place in a civilized world, ends and means

20:03 Plausibly deniable strategy: intentionally calculated strategy, Iran’s threatened reprisals, plausible deniability, no legal mechanisms for resolution, Iran as theocracy, political Islam incompatible with freedom and democracy, argument of causality, blaming Trump, Iran’s media allies

35:25 Appeasement’s consequences: The Left in the West, Left blames President Trump, John Kerry op-ed, 8 years of appeasement with Iran emboldened Iran, United Nations as the means of appeasement, seven nation agreement, diplomacy over sanctions, US deal with Iran legitimized Iran – transforming the tiger, Left’s denial of reality and history, Hitler’s peace in our time, seven UN countries charged with peace and security, UN evolved into political body – Paris accord and climate change, Iran consistent acting own interest, Iran’s goal of having nuclear weapons, blaming the West for Iran’s evils, Jagmeet Singh blames America for plane downing, painting Iran as victim, NDP MPPs denounce American action, association with East Indian terrorists, fifth columnists among us, Trudeau’s entourage includes those associated with terrorism, Muslim Brotherhood

52:45 Playing the blame game: causal responsibility and moral responsibility, no proof of causality, causes as epistemological phenomenon, causality as a moral imperative, probability and possibility, no absolute proof, plausible truth

59:42 END