636 – Topics


00:03 Uncharted territory: overview of events leading to Trump’s impeachment, Ukraine and Joe Biden, Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukraine president, phone transcript, articles of impeachment, Article 2 of U.S. constitution, treason bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors, effort to impeach Trump has been entire Democratic agenda

20:05 Swamp of corruption: Russian collusion with Hillary Clinton, Trump’s commitment to draining the swamp, corporate media twisting the facts, mainstream media campaign against Trump, public deliberately misled by media, Trump’s campaign to make America great a success, corporate media no longer the fourth estate, corporate media now the instrument of political corruption, globalist agenda behind the corruption, globalism in retreat

36:40 Open conspiracy: globalist agenda an open conspiracy, effort to nullify Trump election, re-election prediction, electoral college debate, republic or democracy, progressivism is socialism and communism, majoritarianism is dictatorship and mob rule, bedrock principle of rule of law is presumption of innocence

49:15 Witch hunt: The stain on Nancy Pelosi, prime witness presumed quid quo pro, progressivist corruption, presumption of guilt without evidence, mainstream media hatred of Trump

59:42 END