635 – Topics


00:03 The fix is in: 2019 Munk Debate on capitalism, ideological foes on common ground, broken motion, defining capitalism, capitalism a social system not an economic one, capitalism and selfishness, conservative inability to defend capitalism

11:45 Left-wing fools: Yanis Varoufakis on fixing capitalism, ‘broken capitalism’ as an epistemological contradiction, blaming capitalism for socialistic failures, calling for democratic lotteries, Katrina vanden Heuvel on structurally redesigning capitalism, capitalism with adjectives, inequality obsession, making the rich pay, capitalism’s depravity, hatred of the good for being the good

34:15 Right-wing fools: Arthur Brooks on fixing capitalism, solving poverty through capitalism, capitalism saves lives, blaming capitalism for the welfare state, mob rule to rob the capitalists, David Brooks on fixing capitalism, Canada’s capitalism, China’s capitalism, capitalism’s moral complexity, selfish bastards, immigration towards capitalism

50:45 Foolish death wish: Under The Rubble, socialism’s death wish, Milton Friedman on socialism’s appeal, democratization of capitalism, language of fools, existential nature of capitalism

59:42 END