633 – Topics


00:03 Literally illiterate: education’s interference with thinking process, education as progress, progressive education as regressive, consequences of state education, unions and Ontario’s work to rule action, teaching epistemology

10:10 The whole story about whole language: growing levels of ignorance about common knowledge, look-say, whole language philosophy, CFPL-TV LONDON June 9 1992 – London Board of Ed Whole Language hearings, education establishment defends whole language, Freedom Party accused of distributing ‘hate’ literature on whole language

31:05 Think about it: Whole language architects against rationality, seeds of identity politics, opposition to industrial society, language as primary means of thinking, aliases for whole language, comparing whole language to phonics, whole language as a philosophy of teaching

50:05 Why facts don’t matter: logic-argument-proof don’t matter to perceptual mentalities, the problem of thinking, the importance of accurate definitions, associative thinking, progressive education has bee progressing for over a century

59:42 END