629 – Topics


00:03 Uncontrolled hatreds of the Left: Canada’s 2019 federal election, coping with demoralization, continuing post-election smears and libels of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), Toronto Star’s Heather Malick’s putrid diatribe of hate against Maxime Bernier, political Islam incompatible with Western values, exposing the hate and lies from the National Council of Canadian Muslims’ (NCCM) executive director Mustafa Farooq, uncontrolled immigration, Farooq’s call for social media censorship of the Right, Farooq’s call for avoiding the debate, the NCCM’s Islamist agenda

26:10 Seek and destroy: forged emails discrediting the PPC, Warren Kinsella’s libelous ‘seek and destroy’ mission against Bernier’s PPC party, democratic corruption revealed in the Conservative Party of Canada, Kinsella’s 2012 attack against Just Right, Kinsella’s false allegation against the Freedom Party of Ontario, Conservative endorsements of Kinsella’s Fight the Right, Conservative cheating in elections

42:00 Voter demoralization: Libertarian Party leader Tim Moen, voting against worst fear instead of voting for highest value, winning elections vs shifting culture, the purpose of elections, Mark Stein sees it right, PPC leader Maxime Bernier’s winning philosophy, FPO leader Paul McKeever’s winning philosophy

53:57 Who cares? Stefan Molyneux’s cynical ethics, people don’t care, power politics, ethical politics, ends and means of power, Liberals as an expression of power politics, PPC as an expression of ethical politics, politics is an eternal process

59:42 END