629 – Clips & Credits


(A) Perry Mason 927 (Lie of omission)
(B) Just Right Media, Oct 16 2019, Maxime Bernier (PPC Gatineau media scrum)
(C) jellybean Jen, Oct 16 2019, (Sweden’s mass immigration crisis)
(D) Mark Stein, Oct 23 2019, Mark’s Mailbox (Only party on the Right)
(E) Libertarian Party leader Tim Moen, Oct 25 2019 (Changing culture)
(F) Stefan Molyneux, Oct 22 2019 (Canadian election results)
(G) Stefan Molyneux, Oct 22 2019 (Just about power)
(H) Addams Family, Gomez the politician (Elections are fun)

Hosted By: Bob Metz